Swedish post-indie artist Nathan Aeli released his debut album Katja in 2019, described as a “blend of intense emo and dreamy shoegaze” by Swedish music blog HYMN.

A year later comes the continuation: ka· tja | \ kát-yə , -‘jə\, an album where those same songs have developed even further. Here, other artists have been invited to work on the songs and the result is something completely different. It is an album with the same chords and melodies as Katja - but with a completely different finish.

Nathan Aeli is a Gothenburg-based multi-artist, graphic designer and soft drink fanatic who loves artsy horror movies. ka· tja | \ kát-yə , -‘jə\ was originally recorded, mixed and produced by Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec. The remixes are produced by each artist and mastered by Anders Lagerfors at Nacksving Studios.